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The desperate new migrant drama in the Mediterranean Sea - PBS NewsHour

HARI SREENIVASAN: summer time within the Mediterranean was marked via Northern Europeans and americans flocking to shores on break. but for the previous few years, warm climate in the area has supposed an increase in desperate migrants taking a lethal experience.

greater than 1,000 migrants were killed making an attempt to move the Mediterranean Sea within the closing week. in keeping with the U.N., it's one of the vital maximum weekly dying tolls seeing that the disaster all started in 2014.

Scenes of desperation in the coronary heart of the Mediterranean. during the last week, rescuers have scrambled dozens of times to attain struggling vessels massive and small overflowing with migrants.

A survivor from Eritrea who selected no longer to give his identify says he not ever imagined the hazard.

MAN (through interpreter): All my pals told me it wasn't handy, don't are trying to move. but I didn't trust them. Now I consider them. It's very dangerous. but it would have been the identical for me, because if I stayed in my country, i might were dead.

HARI SREENIVASAN: This newest unfolding catastrophe off Libya is the most up-to-date chapter in Europe's migrant drama. The U.N. Refugee agency reviews that, so far this 12 months, some 2,500 people have died trying to reach the continent. That's up from about 1,800 within the identical time final yr.

WILLIAM SPINDLER, Spokesman, UN high Commissioner for Refugees: This highlights the value of rescue operations as a part of the response to the stream of refugees and migrants in the Mediterranean, and the need for actual, safer options for people desiring overseas protection.

HARI SREENIVASAN: most of the deaths have come on the route from North Africa to Italy, the place the percentages of being killed are as excessive as one in 23. The victims are available all sizes.

The humanitarian company Sea Watch released this picture the day prior to this of a child who drowned off the coast of Libya.

RUBEN NEUGEBAUER, Spokesman, Sea-Watch (through interpreter): If we as a ecu group don't need to see such photographs, we have to cease producing them. the eu Union uses the Mediterranean as a form of graveyard, the place boats full of corpses are used to scare people who are nonetheless living and would perhaps wish to comply with.

HARI SREENIVASAN: assist officials additionally say the rising dying toll suggests smuggling gangs are the use of even riskier tactics than earlier than.

these days, prosecutors in Sicily introduced the arrests of sixteen suspected smugglers. They have been on board a ship carrying nearly 900 individuals who were rescued over the weekend.

MICHELANGELO PATANE, Prosecutor, Catania (through interpreter): These smugglers make extraordinary profits. If we agree with the first-rate variety of migrants they manage to squeeze into these vessels, the earnings are immense, peculiarly in comparison to the low price of a dinghy and the price of a low-power engine.

HARI SREENIVASAN: Some survivors say Libyan smugglers seem like trying to earn further money earlier than the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, when daytime fasting may additionally curtail sailings.

in the meantime, the human circulation between Turkey and Greece has dropped sharply. In March, Ankara signed an contract with the ecu Union to stem illegal migration.

For more on this, I'm joined now by means of David Miliband, CEO of overseas Rescue Committee.

David, why is that this going on? Why this surge that we're seeing in the remaining couple of weeks?

DAVID MILIBAND, Former British international Secretary: I suppose there are two leading reasons that clarify this terrible, horrific wave of dying in the Mediterranean from North Africa.

the first is the increasingly determined tactics of the smugglers themselves. I believe that the authentic who simply spoke about their tactics obtained it completely correct. These are desperate people and they're being exploited by way of smuggling gangs.

The second issue, undoubtedly, is that, as the climate has got greater over the remaining couple of months, the variety of people flowing from North Africa into Italy has grown. About 50,000, 46,000, to be specific, have come into Europe from North Africa this 12 months.

And besides the fact that children this disaster doesn't get tons attention to the Syrian crisis, the americans from Africa are coming from Nigeria, from Somalia, from Gambia, from Cote d'Ivoire, from Eritrea, just like the man within the movie. and also you are hence given that here's a world refugee and migration disaster, now not only a Syrian disaster.

HARI SREENIVASAN: however may this be an even bigger wave, seeing that all of these nations that you simply just listed?

DAVID MILIBAND: smartly, we be aware of that the realm is experiencing the largest wave of refugees due to the fact the second World battle. Twenty million people are refugees for the time being. That ability they're fleeing their international locations of their place of origin as a result of violence and battle; forty million people are displaced inside their own international locations.

We as a world help organization are working in all of these fragile and conflict states, be they in Africa or in the middle East. And we be aware of, to our cost, that the volume of want a ways outstrips the skill of the equipment to reply, and that's why we say there doesn't just deserve to be greater money going to foreign humanitarian support. There needs to be a new strategy to the manner refugees are dealt with and handled, no longer least to steer clear of the appalling loss of lifestyles that's taken area on the shores of Europe.

HARI SREENIVASAN: Some a part of this has to do with the incontrovertible fact that the route has modified now, and the deal that Turkey struck with the E.U. to are attempting to limit the variety of americans coming from Turkey crossing into Europe, and now they seem to be taking a route directly through Libya and across much more treacherous waters.

DAVID MILIBAND: I'm glad you raised that, as a result of we haven't any evidence that it is the case, both from our own individuals on the ground or from the U.N. figures.

if you look at the 150,000 people who've arrived in Europe this year from — through Greece, you are going to see that they're made up predominantly 46 percent of Syrians, then Afghans, then Iraqis. if you look at the 46,000 who have arrived in Italy from Africa, they are Somalis, Gambians, Cote d'Ivoire, Eritrea.

So, although it's a fine point you're making that the clamp-down in Europe and in Turkey might, in time, bring individuals to are looking for a substitute for the Greek route, to come — in its place of going from Turkey to Greece, across the Aegean Sea, they'll are attempting and make the experience through Egypt to Libya after which throughout into North Africa, from North Africa, into Europe.

at the moment, the individuals in Turkey who are fleeing the Syrian battle predominantly don't seem to be seeking to make that route. they're biding their time in Turkey. There are studies of very colossal numbers in Izmir, some of the Turkish ports it truly is as an entrepot, as a transit route for this.

but in the mean time up, you have got received two different waves, one from Syria and the center East and Afghanistan into Greece, after which the different from Africa via North Africa into Italy.

HARI SREENIVASAN: So, how are the Europeans dealing with this now new wave of humanity washing up on their shores?

DAVID MILIBAND: I consider that the eu method has three features at the moment.

As regard to the core East, they're banking plenty on the so-known as take care of Turkey, which is showing a lot of strain. remember, on your viewers' sake, there are a million asylum-seekers in Germany from ultimate year who're having asylum and having their claims processed in somewhat an orderly method.

There are fifty five,000 individuals in Greece who're at present waiting for their claims to be handled. So, the deal with Turkey is designed to stem that circulation. but when it involves the North African facet of issues, the search-and-rescue is plenty weaker. The felony routes that might finally be available are a great deal much less clear.

And that's why you're seeing the expanding desperation for the thousand-mile — thousand-kilometer crossing from North Africa from Libya to Lampedusa, which is the Italian island the place the boats are aiming for.

So, for the time being, Europe is definitely fighting on all fronts, whereas attempting to deal, cope on all fronts, and is additionally coping with the backlog from ultimate 12 months. And that's why the european fee have noted they're going to come ahead with new proposals last week.

groups like mine, a global support company and refugee resettlement company here, say that you just need first clear prison routes. Secondly, you have received to address the difficulty at its supply by means of having relevant humanitarian help in the international locations in battle and in the neighboring states, and, thirdly, Europe has to contend with people that have already arrived in Europe. and people which have a real declare to refugee popularity need to be accurately accommodated.

HARI SREENIVASAN: All right, David Miliband, CEO of the international Rescue Committee, thanks so tons for becoming a member of us tonight.

DAVID MILIBAND: thank you very plenty, Hari.

Kenya President Meets South Korean President for change Talks - ABC news

South Korea's President Park Geun-hye met Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta Tuesday and mentioned the trade imbalance between the two international locations on the 2d day of her three-day talk over with to Kenya.

Park is in Kenya, East Africa's greatest economic climate, to enhance trade between both countries which at the moment favors South Korea. Kenya is the third leg of her African tour which began with Ethiopia and Uganda. She acquired a 21-gun salute and a armed forces safeguard of honor when Kenyatta received her at State condominium.

Park is visiting with a delegation of greater than 200 who encompass businessmen and executive officials, in keeping with South Korea's ambassador to Kenya young Dae Kwon.

Bilateral agreements in protection, fitness, agriculture, assistance know-how, exchange and tradition can be signed in the tour, he observed.

at the assembly President Kenyatta stated there's want for the two governments give a boost to cooperation akin to power, integrated rural and urban building and human development. Kenyatta referred to there was consistent growth in quantity of exchange between the two countries, in keeping with a press release from his communication workplace. He referred to the trade balance is in choose of South Korea and that the gap can also be reduced with the aid of allowing more Kenyan items to entry the South Korean market.

"These include cut vegetation, espresso, black tea, and sparkling produce akin to mangoes, avocadoes, pineapples amongst others, which might be world class items and are traded in foreign markets," mentioned Kenyatta. "We believe that an increase of exports would enrich change family members between our countries."

He cited that the Kenyan govt is desirous to enter a memorandum of realizing of cooperation in electric energy and nuclear energy construction with the government of South Korea.

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BBC drama about Versailles portraying very libidinous sun King described as 'filthiest tv' - daily Mail

  • The sequence has already been described as among 'the filthiest tv ever' 
  • anything else became viable in the sexual merry-go-round that characterised the lavish court of the most flamboyant monarch in European history 
  • Nudity abounds in astonishing and raunchy ten-part drama sequence
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    The naughty Princess of Monaco, pleasing but catty Catherine Grimaldi, become dismissive of Louis XIV's skill to satisfy her. His 'sceptre', she gossiped recklessly across the French king's court at Versailles, become 'tres petit'.

    She claimed to have this intimate abilities of what lay below the royal culottes because, like countless others, she turned into the wonderful solar King's lover.

    In her case it become for simply a number of months until he uninterested in her and not only dumped her but, as a punishment for her impertinence, banished her back to unglamorous Monaco, then no more than a citadel and a small coastal village.

    Henriette and Louis: Henriette become additionally courted by means of Louis and brought to bed by using him in a single of these illicit apres-midi affairs he appreciated to indulge in. expect uncovered physiqu e-elements and nipples for bound bouncing buttocks

    George Blagden as Louis XIV: the rest was viable in the sexual merry-go-circular that characterised the lavish court of the most flamboyant monarch in European historical past, who occupied the throne of France for seventy two years, from 1643 (when he became just 4) to his dying in 1715

    but was her dissatisfaction as a result of — as a bit of a 'swinger' herself, within the words of 1 historian — she preferred ladies? among her supposed feminine conquests became Henrietta, the king's sister-in-legislations.

    Henrietta turned into also courted through Louis and brought to bed by him in a single of these illicit apres-midi affairs he preferred to bask in.

    anything else was feasible within the sexual merry-go-circular that characterised the lavish court of probably the most flamboyant monarch in Europe an heritage, who occupied the throne of France for 72 years, from 1643 (when he became just four) to his dying in 1715.

    And now its highlights are to appear in a wonderful and raunchy ten-part drama sequence, Versailles, beginning on BBC2 on Wednesday.

    are expecting uncovered body-materials, nipples for bound (even though most likely now not 'sceptres'), bouncing buttocks, queens (of all kinds) in flagrante, spiced with a lascivious dwarf, a cross-dressing inheritor to the throne, naked frolics in the fountain and lungfuls of heavy respiration.

    it is all very not like the life of our dear Queen (even though comparable to what Charles II and his court have been up to at the equal time in England)!

    The series has already been described as amongst 'the filthiest tv ever'.

    more comparable to game Of Thrones than Downton, it's brutal stuff. within the first of its ten episodes, there are torture scenes, eye-gouging, rape and self-flagell ation, plus specific intercourse scenes that go away little to the creativeness.

    And now its highlights are to appear in a impressive and raunchy ten-part drama collection, Versailles, beginning on BBC2 on Wednesday.

    The series has already been described as among 'the filthiest tv ever'. more similar to online game Of Thrones than Downton, it's brutal stuff. in the first of its ten episodes, there are torture scenes, eye-gouging, rape and self-flagellation, plus specific sex scenes that go away little to the creativeness

    Squeamish people need to prepare to look away. The curious might be diverted through the luxurious clothes (where worn), the plot (advanced, but captivating as Louis imposes his will on rebellious nobles) and all those 'filthy' shenanigans.

    become it in reality like that? neatly, sex became a preoccupation and a foreign mo ney within the French court. The sun King spread his rays with total abandon, and all around him schemed to catch the gentle from his wandering eye.

    Aristocratic mothers pushed their daughters in opposition t him, minor princes and dukes their better halves, within the hope of advancement.

    It could be a lifestyles-changing circulation. the upward push of the Soubise family, for instance, become put all the way down to its princess's elegance, and, based on her grateful husband, 'the use she product of it'.

    The nobility become at it all the time with 'adultery a way of existence at courtroom', in the words of 1 historian of the era. 'Loving one's husband become considered positively declasse.'

    The younger king have to all the time have been conscious of this. He grew up in a sexually charged environment amid tongues wagging concerning the secret love lifetime of his widowed mom, Anne of Austria, Queen Regent except he got here of age.

    She become very close to her chief minister, Cardinal Mazarin — body and soul, the gossips pointed out — and it turned into with the cardinal's flirty Italian nieces, the five Mancini girls, that the young monarch first dabbled in romance, and possibly extra.

    but his actual initiation into intercourse, on the age of 15, changed into a tackier enterprise, within the voluptuous fingers of 1 of his mom's ladies-in-ready, the 40-12 months-ancient Baronne de Beauvais, called 'One-eyed Kate'.

    She first pleasured the king on the prompting of his mom, and he certainly favored what had took place and went returned for greater. She changed into rewarded with a pension for life.

    but it surely wasn't simply sex that became the young King on.

    Marie Thérèse (left) and  Madame de Montespan (correct):  intercourse became a preoccupation and a forex in the French court docket. The sun King spread his rays with total abandon, and all around him schemed to trap the easy from his wandering eye

    The the Aristocracy was at it all the time with 'adultery a way of existence at court', within the words of one historian of the era. 'Loving one's husband changed into regarded positively declasse'

    With women of his own age, he turned into drawn to the slender ones he may dance with — ballet become a 'violent' royal passion — and suave ones he may discuss with, such because the simple however exciting Marie Mancini.

    She sang to him while he performed the guitar, and it is said he desired to marry her — except the idea became quashed with the aid of his mother and he turned into betrothed as a substit ute to the dumpy and dull Marie-Therese, daughter of the King of Spain.

    She turned into pampered and pasty-confronted, because she had by no means been allowed out in the sun, and went all over accompanied through her pet dogs and a pet dwarf.

    This was a political union, supposedly ending the traditional enmity between both nations (even though it didn't). however it was also a love-match to start with, in bed as a minimum. They spent practically every evening collectively and couldn't get enough of each and every other.

    however then the brand new Queen obtained pregnant, and Louis's eyes, hands, and every thing else strayed, alighting on the 17-year-ancient Henrietta, daughter of England's accomplished Charles I and sister of the these days restored Charles II. She changed into married to Louis's younger brother Philippe, the Duke of Orleans, 2nd-in-line to the throne and ad dressed at court docket by way of the courtesy name of 'Monsieur' (as changed into lifestyle for the King's younger brother).

    With ladies of his own age, Louis turned into drawn to the slim ones he might dance with — ballet became a 'violent' royal passion — and suave ones he may seek advice from, such because the simple however wonderful Marie Mancini

    No count number. He turned into gay, with a 'monsieur' of his own, the good-looking however conniving Chevalier de Lorraine, whom he openly paraded round courtroom.

    Philip did his obligation and sired two babies with Henrietta, however otherwise let her get on with her deepening affair together with his brother.

    pleasing with ideal enamel and glowing eyes, she became a perfect in shape for 22-12 months-old Louis. They swam in the lake, ate supper to the sound of violins and rode horses during the night.

    Historian Antonia Fraser reckons the two have been very a whole lot in love but she doubts it became a full-blown sexual affair — that Henrietta's religious scruples held her again from sinning, and with her brother-in-law, of all people.

    The Versailles series takes the contrary view. No protecting again on its part — or hers.

    It become too blissful to ultimate. After a summer of love, his mother put an end to this extreme intimacy. Even her homosexual husband changed into getting jealous. Henrietta became warned off, and Louis's consideration turned into diverted to certainly one of her companions, the tomboyish Louise de La Valliere.

    definitely she wasn't basically his classification? however turned into becoming apparent the sun King didn't have a sort. His style in ladies changed into all-encompassing.

    Louise danced, she rode horses bareback, and became sweet-natured and submissive. in accordance with Antonia Fraser, there become one disadvantage — she become flat-chested, which she tried to hide with padding.

    Aristocratic moms pushed their daughters towards him, minor princes and dukes their wives, in the hope of advancement

    This turned into offset by means of 'her massive blue eyes with a melting regard, fair hair and delicate voice. Her childishly skinny throat gave her an air of defencelessness.'

    The king became directly smitten.

    Louise pretended to face up to — as any smartly introduced-up woman would do — however then, convincing herself it become her non secular duty to satisfy the king, she succumbed. Louis borrowed a friend's house at Versailles — that's how tricky it changed into for him to get privacy — to relieve her of her virginity.

    'Have pity on my weak point!' she became mentioned to have cried, a red rag to the royal bull.

    Louise's spiritual scruples commonly interrupted the affair. She ran away. He begged her to come lower back. She sinned once more. And once more. She had four children via him.

    The Queen became additionally producing offspring, and over seven years from 1660, the rampant Louis sired in total nine toddlers, the legit ones acclaimed as blood heirs, the bastards discreetly stated and given aristocratic titles.

    now not that Louise become ever the king's handiest dalliance.

    there were scores of keen girls in what one historian describes as the royal 'seraglio' — his harem. They might expect to be smartly handled, so long as they had been discreet, not like the scoffing Princess of Monac o, now claiming that the King's cousin, Charles II of England, turned into tons better endowed than little Louis.

    One court customized become the after-dinner lottery, where tickets were exceeded out and rewarded with cash and jewels.

    It turned into fastened to repay his pets, the inclined Isabelles, Maries and Charlottes who served his needs.

    but there turned into at all times a No. 1 mistress, stated as Maitresse en Titre and honoured at court. On state occasions, she sat next to him.

    The Queen turned into also producing offspring, and over seven years from 1660, the rampant Louis sired in complete 9 infants, the official ones acclaimed as blood heirs, the bastards discreetly acknowledged and given aristocratic titles

    That place passed from Louise (who grew to be a nun) to the magnificent Francoise-Athenais, Marqui se de Montespan, so attractive that the king secretly spied on her in the tub. Realising he turned into there, she obligingly dropped her towel.

    lengthy ringlets, pouting mouth, curved determine, a understanding seem that changed into both attractive and imperious, she became a complete contrast from the fey Louise.

    Witty and clever, with a forceful personality. Louise didn't stand a chance — nor did the king.together with her he embarked on what Antonia Fraser describes as 'the terrific sexual experience of his existence'.

    As he grew further and further into the omnipotent sun King, she changed into the goddess at his facet, but an earthy one without a inhibitions about 'commerce', the contemporary word for sex, which she enjoyed to the complete and devoid of regret, thrice a day if she may get it.

    She bought her reward in terms of court po pularity but also in riches beyond desires. Louis told his finance minister: 'She ought to have anything she wants.' Jewels, cash and grand homes had been showered on her.

    Hers changed into the second gold standard residence at Versailles, with direct access to the king's, the place she lounged in her excessive-heel mules,massaged and perfumed, expecting him. A infrequent modern portrait shows her as a 'voluptuous, beautiful toy', reclining with a 'courtesan's carelessness', according to her biographer, Lisa Hilton. Cupids swing above her head.

    Louis XIV (fictional and true) there were scores of keen ladies in what one historian describes because the royal 'seraglio' — his harem. They could predict to be neatly handled, as long as they had been discreet, not like the scoffing Princess of Monaco, now claiming that the King's cousin, Charles II of England, changed into tons stronger endowed than little Louis

    It changed into noted the king scheduled two-hour classes together with her and couldn't watch for her girls to competently undress her earlier than throwing himself on her, such become his ardour.

    Their normal area to make love turned into a set on the floor flooring at Versailles with a big bed, a big replicate and an octagonal tub carved from a block of marble. The room resembled a sultan's palace.

    The most effective cloud placing over this extravaganza of sensuality become Athenais's cuckolded husband, a loathsome fellow who threatened to contaminate himself at the brothels he frequented and move the ailment onto his wife and to the king.

    Louis despatched him to prison after which banished him to his estates. rumour had it he additionally tried to purchase the man's silence with money, however Montespan persisted to rail towards the k ing, stoking up the fires of pious figures in Paris who threatened eternal damnation on Louis and his 'whore' for his or her sins.

    Like her predecessor, Athenais produced a crop of semi-royal little ones, seven in all, of whom 4 survived. For all her wiles — and the secret aphrodisiacs she allegedly administered to keep up his hobby — even her days had been numbered because the king's head mistress.

    Her 'reign' lasted more than ten years, but, now in her late-30s, although her face turned into as captivating as ever, her weight had ballooned with all these pregnancies and a gluttonous urge for food for meals.

    The king nevertheless came over, but his urge for food for her had gone. There turned into a emptiness.

    It was no longer going to be filled by way of any of the more youthful ladies who now got here forward to gee up the 40-yr-old kin g's flagging sexual power — the likes of Angelique de Fontanges, 18, embarrassingly the identical age as his own eldest son, the Dauphin.

    She served his applications for ages, however for his new maitresse en titre he grew to become to Francoise de Maintenon, his love-babies's governess, extra his age, a significant,a little bit austere lady.

    youngsters a wierd choice, she reflected his personal increasingly pensive nature after four many years of kingship.

    by means of now, Marie-Therese, the spouse he so lengthy pushed aside, become useless, and there have been rumours he married Mme de Maintenon in secret.

    Slowly, the vigour turned into slipping away from his court docket, together with all that sexual efficiency and energy.

    increasingly, Louis became to his other passion — constructing Versailles right into a palace of dreams.

    it will remaining longer than all these amorous affairs, a fitting monument to replicate the unrivalled majesty of the sun King.

    Versailles is on BBC2 at 9.30pm on Wednesday.


    South Korean cram school tutors deny wrongdoing in SAT leak case - Reuters

    Thousands of tables are seen inside a hall at Asia-World Expo near Hong Kong Airport in Hong Kong, China October 2, 2015, one day before SAT examinations to be taken place. REUTERS/Bobby Yip thousands of tables are seen inside a hall at Asia-World Expo close Hong Kong Airport in Hong Kong, China October 2, 2015, sooner or later earlier than SAT examinations to be taken place. Reuters/Bobby Yip

    Tutors at South Korean look at various instruction schools denied criminal wrongdoing all over a court docket hearing on Monday involving leaked counsel that ended in the cancellation of the U.S. SAT school entrance exam in South Korea in 2013.

    nine of 22 defendants, including tutors and house owners of deepest "examine-prep" schools, regarded in a Seoul court for his or her first hearing, charged with illegally obtaining SAT faculty entrance exam check papers and offering them to scholars.

    Their lawyers have pointed out their consumers don't seem to be responsible of copyright infringement.

    The trial all started after the check's administrator, the tutorial testing carrier (ETS), provided documents to the courtroom in March following Reuters inquiries to the business about what South Korean authorities pointed out turned into an absence of cooperation.

    Defence attorneys said on Monday their consumers had used publicly accessible exams for his or her prep courses and their moves did not constitute copyright infringement because that they had no intention of making a profit or violating reasonable use guidelines.

    "without any intent to infringe copyright, some substances were copied and used when students did not have their textbooks. It isn't considered as income-making," Oh Seung-hyun, a legal professional representing five of the defendants, told the court docket.

    another defendant, charged with obstruction of the examine administrator's enterprise via hiring people to take SAT tests to memorize questions, didn't reconstruct and distribute what his half-timers learned, Oh stated.

    cheating at overseas SAT testing sites has been a problem for years.

    In may 2013, the U.S. faculty Board, which owns the SAT, canceled the sitting of the exam in South Korea on account of leaked questions. It became the first time the firm scrapped an SAT sitting across a whole country.

    That got here after South Korean authorities alleged that Korean cram faculties had illegally got SAT verify papers.

    youngsters, South Korean authorities mentioned their investigation had been hobbled by means of an absence of assist from the ETS.

    In September 2014, South Korea's highest courtroom requested files from ETS. Prosecutors wanted assistance to investigate that materials seized from the cram schools, referred to as hagwons, were genuine SAT checks.

    ultimate September, a 12 months after the request, an authentic with the Seoul critical District court advised Reuters that ETS had yet to respond.

    In December, Reuters requested ETS examine-security head Ray Nicosia about the count number. He observed ETS turned into continuing to work with South Korean authorities. After that interview, South Korean authorities talked about ETS promised to send the requested files via the conclusion of 2015.

    The trial started after ETS provided the documents in March.

    (modifying by Tony Munroe and Paul Tait)

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    unique: Emmerdale's Charley Webb teases sparkling drama for Debbie Dingle and Ross Barton -

    Charley Webb has hinted at more Ross/Debbie dramaITV • GETTY

    Charley Webb has hinted at more Ross/Debbie drama

    talking to at the British cleaning soap Awards, the 28-yr-historical superstar shed some light on how and when she will return to the programme - youngsters particulars were a little sparse.

    "i'm certain it might not be too distant," she stated of Debbie's comeback, adding that it hasn't crossed her intellect plenty whereas she's been on maternity depart.

    "I should talk to Ian, the brand new producer, and perhaps have a suppose when it will be. I've now not truly notion about how she'll come returned. i am sure Ross can be concerned; there is got be a Ross and Debbie drama in there someplace."

    Elaborating on the persona of Ross, whom Debbie has had some turbulent instances with, Webb spoke of: "i love Debbie and Ross so i am sure they'll basically delve in to [some new drama] once I get back."

    Charley Webb has hinted at more Ross/Debbie dramaGETTY

    The actress appeared impressive on the British cleaning soap Awards remaining evening

    Charley Webb as Debbie DingleITV

    Charley Webb as Debbie Dingle in Emmerdale

    I've now not really notion about how she'll come returned. i am sure Ross may be concerned; there may be got be a Ross and Debbie drama in there someplace

    Charley Webb

    Webb left the display on New year's Day, following a disturbing few months involving an affair, a case of incorrect paternity and her persona combating for her lifestyles following a helicopter catastrophe.

    She has been on depart to have her 2nd infant - with husband and Emmerdale co-megastar Matthew Wolfenden.

    The actress referred to that she has been very content being at home with the children, gushing: "i am just truly happy being at home; you under no circumstances get that time back. they're only children for a very small amount of time so I just want to take all of it in and include it."

    connected articles

    Webb with real-life husband WolfendenGETTY

    Webb is on maternity depart to look after her baby with precise-existence husband Wolfenden

    Wolfenden is at the moment taking part in a storyline that sees his personality, David Metcalfe, facing testicular cancer. The actor has lately shaved his head for the function, with David having to bear chemotherapy on the exhibit.

    Webb published that he has discovered to like his buzz cut, occurring to assert: "He loves it. He was a bit anxious initially, and that i turned into like 'I dont wish to shave my hair' but now he loves it."

    Webb additionally delivered that Wolfenden, 36, hasn't been an outstanding supply of on-set gossip for her while she's been away.

    "I do get the gossip, however now not from Matthew, he's rubbish," she mentioned. "he is useless at gossip so I hear it from every person else."


    Wolfenden is presently playing a victim of testicular melanoma

    With day without work to be with the new baby, has Webb been able to savour Emmerdale as a viewer in her down time?

    "I've barely seen it!" she defined. "i'd like to say that I've sat down and watched it, but there's no element in even asking me about it because I may not comprehend what's going on. it's in fact difficult for those who've obtained two youngsters but it surely's all Sky Plussed so i could watch it at some element."

    Emmerdale continues each nighttime this week at 7pm on ITV.

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    Uganda to halt defense force, security ties with North Korea: South Korean official - The Straits times

    SEOUL (Reuters) - Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has pointed out that his country would halt protection and military cooperation with North Korea, a South Korean legit noted following a summit in Kampala between Mr Museveni and South Korean President Park Geun Hye.

    Uganda hosted 45 North Koreans offering police training as recently as December, in accordance with a February file via a United countries panel of consultants. a further document by way of the panel last year noted North Koreans expert Ugandan police on the use of AK-47s and pistols.

    remoted North Korea has come below transforming into diplomatic drive within the aftermath of its January nuclear verify and a space rocket launch in February, which ended in a United nations security Council resolution in March tightening sanctions against Pyongyang.

    "during the summit, Uganda's President Museveni...mentioned he had ordered (officers) to faithfully enforce the UN protection Council resolution including halting of its security, defense force and police cooperation with North Korea," Mr Jeong Yeon Guk, a spokesman for Park, advised reporters in the Ugandan capital on Sunday (can also 29), in line with the presidential Blue condominium in Seoul.

    Uganda abstained from voting on all nine UN widespread assembly resolutions on North Korean human rights for which votes had been counted in view that 2005, a record mirrored by means of nations including India, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Mali and Qatar.

    Sabtu, 28 Mei 2016

    Johnny Depp & Amber Heard's Divorce & Restraining Order Drama: criminal attorney Weighs in - E! online

    Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, Palm Springs International Film Festival

    Jason Merritt/Getty images for PSIFF

    Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's split is getting uglier and uglier.

    The 30-12 months-historical actress filed for divorce Thursday after 15 months of marriage.  A source instructed E! news the pair did not have a prenuptial settlement. On Friday, she acquired a short lived domestic violence restraining order against Depp, 52.

    while performing in court, Heard sported what gave the impression to be a bruise on her cheekbone. She had presented a photograph that shows her with a bigger one. No police reports were filed and no arrests have been made in reference to the case.

    Heard says in her submitting that throughout their complete relationship, she "endured extreme emotional verbal and actual abuse from Johnny" and states a number of incidents in which Depp allegedly grew to be violent along with her.

    Depp has now not spoke back to her allegations. His attorney filed a response to the order filing, announcing the actor wasn't even within the nation to begin with and turned into willing to agree to "mutual stay-away and private behavior orders," hence there turned into no cause to bar him from his home.

    "Amber is making an attempt to at ease a untimely economic resolution with the aid of alleging abuse," the attorney cited.

    Heard's transient order expires in two weeks and may be extended after a hearing that has been scheduled for mid-June.

    Will Depp face expenses?

    That remains to be seen. criminal lawyer Troy Slaten, who isn't concerned in their circumstances, informed E! news solely any prices of domestic battery can be considered a misdemeanor so long as the accidents aren't severe and he doesn't have previous identical offenses. If convicted of any such misdemeanor, an wrongdoer would face a maximum sentence of probation, counseling and fines. Prosecutors have up to a year to file any charges.

    The decide who granted the restraining order denied a request from Heard that Depp attend anger administration counseling unless the listening to.

    Slaten delivered that it's now not very tough to acquire a brief restraining order in California, including, "All you have to do is allege that someone damage you or that there is a valid concern that somebody is ready to harm you."

    "or not it's crucial to notice that only 1 aspect has gone in right here—the choose has handiest heard part of the story and in a case like this, the judge goes to rule in her favor in an abundance of caution," he noted.

    At their hearing, Depp can choose to testify or furnish Heard a longer-lasting restraining order, which would mean he would now not be capable of personal a firearm in California.

    Does Depp should attend the hearing? "He doesn't have to," Slaten observed, adding that "The witnesses should not have to be there—they can appear by assertion but it's no longer mighty."

    The actor is set to tour with the Hollywood Vampires, made from him, shock rocker Alice Cooper and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, on and off in the course of the end of July but the neighborhood is not booked to function on the day of the listening to.

    Heard can additionally sue Depp for assault and battery in a civil case: "When we are about a civil case, we're speakme about money when we are speaking a couple of crook case, we're talking about someone potentially going to jail, somebody being prosecuted by way of the government," Slaten instructed E! news, including that a civil case "would be become independent from the divorce complaints."

    "you can sue someone for intentional infliction of emotional misery, negligent infliction of emotional misery," he brought. "which you could sue someone for interference with prospective financial increase—you try to clutter with someone's livelihood, you are attempting to debris with somebody's business or somebody's potential for incomes a residing. any one can sue anybody for anything else. even if you will definitely be a hit is one other factor but should you file swimsuit towards someone you are going to throw in everything plus the kitchen sink to see what sticks."

    Depp may additionally sue Heard: "If he alleges none of these items in reality happened, he may sue her," Slaten spoke of. "for a similar thing—interference with potential economic competencies, for defamation of character."

    The restraining order will no longer have an effect on the divorce, brief or now not: "In California, we have no fault divorces," Slaten advised E! news. "Which ability it would not matter if somebody cheats, or if a person is purported to be violent. In California, in case you want a divorce, you get a divorce. You won't have to show that one aspect became unhealthy or that someone did something incorrect. that you would be able to simply say you don't like the style a person smells anymore and also you break up, and then or not it's 50/50."

    How will their belongings be cut up? "If he did not have a prenup, than the legislations says that the rest you had before the wedding is yours and everything obtained after the wedding is 50/50," Slaten pointed out. "So any future royalties for movies that they made whereas they have been married could be 50/50, but anything else after the date the divorce is filed—not the date that it is finalized, but the date she filed for divorce—that second after is separate property."

    He spoke of if Heard is granted spousal assist, it is "going to be quite slim as a result of they had been only married for 15 months."

    "constantly they give one and a half to 2 times the quantity of the time they have been married," Slaten spoke of. "She would be looking at a maximum of 30 months for spousal aid."

    under the phrases of the latest order, Depp should reside as a minimum one hundred yards away from Heard and refrain from contacting her until a listening to next month. she will be able to even be allowed to reside in their la apartment, which he bought several years in the past, and he have to steer clear of the property unless that date. Depp also owns an additional domestic in the city. He has got distinct buildings through the years, as well as a personal Caribbean island, the place he and Heard wed in 2015.

    Heard additionally requested Depp avoid her Yorkshire terrier Pistol, which the decide denied, saying there changed into "inadequate showing of need" to give protection to the dog. Pistol and Depp's dog Boo have been the topics of a world incident that essentially landed Heard in reformatory in Australia final year.

    Heard's attorney had additionally requested that Depp enable the actress unique use of a spread Rover she is using and that he proceed to make funds on it, that he additionally proceed to pay the mortgage and utilities of their l. a. domestic and also pay her "good value and imperative attorney's fees" and different prison expenses, totaling $a hundred twenty five,000. In her divorce filing, Heard asked for $50,000 a month in spousal guide based on their "marital subculture." In response papers, Depp requested that it's denied.

    Depp's lawyer spoke of Heard is "trying to cozy a premature monetary decision by way of alleging abuse," that both and the court docket haven't any "monetary suggestions upon which to supply such relief" and that "as a a success actress with giant revenue of her own, there is no query Amber can guide herself" except each actors "have had an inexpensive amount of time to investigate their budget" with their attorneys and later perhaps negotiate a "mutually agreeable decision."

    For greater suggestions on domestic abuse or to get assist for your self or somebody you love, discuss with the website for The national domestic Violence Hotline or name 1-800-799-7233.